Ferraton(history) wines Hermitage Saint-Joseph Crozes Hermitage biodynamie
The land and the people who tend it share the same history.
A history which grows from generation to generation.
At the origin, one man, Jean Orëns Ferraton. Vigneron, and son of a vigneron.
A region basked in sun, the Rhône Valley. It was 1946.
The story begins.

Michel, his son, inherited the same passion. He decided to give a new dimension
to his father’s vineyards. The first Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage and Saint-Joseph
Ferraton were brought into the world.
A close friend of the Ferratons’, Michel Chapoutier brought his know-how. In 1998,
the vineyards were converted to organic viticulture, then certified.
Before embracing the culture of bio-dynamics. An audacious step.
For innovative and strong perspectives.