Maison Ferraton biodynamical cultivation in the appellations Hermitage Saint-Joseph Crozes Hermitage
1998 : A step is taken. Maison Ferraton Père & Fils embraces biodynamics with conviction. Michel Chapoutier, a friend of the family, brings his experience and knowledge. Sharing and putting to use. Re-discovering the good sense for the land of their ancestors. Choosing to never again artificially assist the soils, to always privilege quality over quantity.

Biodynamics respect life. Harmony between the land, the metabolism of plants, the cycle of life and the terrestrial and cosmic forces. The vines find a balance without pesticides, without chemical fertilisation. The grapes produced are exempt of exogenic molecules.
Hence their pure, true and original aromas.

A path is laid. A crossroad of traditions, those of our vigneron ancestors and a modern spirit together inspire Maison Ferraton Père & Fils.